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AULORA PANTIES with Kodenshi ® Lace
AULORA BOXER with Kodenshi ® Classic

Product Description
AULORA PANTIES Lace and AULORA BOXER Classic with Kodenshi® are a synergistic combination of comfort and style. Made with world-class Kodenshi® Fibre, these specially designed intimate wear items provide a lifting effect in addition to lasting and holistic support. The fabric comes with excellent dampness reduction function and anti-odour properties, allowing you to stay fresh throughout the day and night. Additionally, the 3D Sewing design provides complete hip covering with a touch of comfort.

The stylish, understated lace crafted into AULORA PANTIES with Kodenshi® provides a fashionably elegant look, while the seamless and stretchable AULORA BOXER with Kodenshi® creates a strong masculine silhouette.

AULORA Panties with Kodenshi - Lace
(S) RP S$94.00EAPS01
(M) RP S$94.00EAPM01
(L) RP S$94.00EAPL01
(XL) RP S$104.00EAPXL01
(2XL) RP S$104.00EAP2XL01
AULORA Boxer with Kodenshi - Classic
(M/L) RP S$112.00EABML01
(XL/2XL) RP S$122.00EABXL2XL01
(3XL/4XL) RP S$132.00EAB3XL4XL01