At BE International, our founders believe that creating extraordinary results that last Beyond Eternity begins with crafting authentic relationships with the people and world around you. Only then can you achieve your dream – and sometimes even surpass them.

As was the case of Ir. Lee Suet Sen; as a certified engineer, building things has always been a part his psyche – except he never imagined that he would in fact be building a direct marketing empire. Starting off as a civil engineer, Lee realised that his passion lay far beyond the industry, which is why he ventured into Multi-Level Marketing. In just two years, he built himself up to achieve his first million – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Similarly, Ho Huey Chuin never thought she would emerge as the youngest millionaire in her previous MLM role – nor did she ever expect to become an idol for young entrepreneurs in her current position. But her clarion call of “If you think you can, you can!” has been proven to spur people to overcome even the most insurmountable obstacles – and break through with flying colours.

Speaking of flying colours, Karen Leong has done nothing but soar throughout her over 40 years in the beauty and then the MLM industry. An iron lady who is the backbone of the company, Karen has nurtured more than 21 millionaires to date, and continues to drive people to achieve their highest potential.

BE Good, Do Well

Sometimes, doing well isn’t enough; it’s only by being good, and doing good, that we achieve a true sense of success and fulfilment.

That’s what Beyond Eternity (BE) strives to be; a business that doesn’t just make business sense, but one that makes an impact on the lives of everyone it touches, now and far into the future.

It’s a concept built on sustainability and trust, driven by sharing and unity, and inspired by wellness, integrating technological breakthroughs with the irreplaceable power of the human touch. At our core, we believe in order to do well and have all the success, prosperity and freedom we deserve, we must first, simply, BE the best we can be, in a way that is good for ourselves, our loved ones, the community and the world at large.

A VISION BEyond Business

We strive to create wellness in every way, for everyone.

We define wellness as a feeling of liberation that brings about health, peace, prosperity, contentment and happiness.

In every way encompasses all aspects of life – physical, mental, spiritual, economic, financial, familial and social.

For everyone means our doors are open to any individual regardless of race, colour, creed, background or belief.

For eternity merely means that we uphold sustainability in everything we do for positive impact that lasts.

A MISSION BEyond Success

We strive to become the most respected and admired direct marketing company that rewards effort, upholds human dignity and makes a positive, sustainable impact on society.

To do this, we:
Leverage the best of existing technologies to create sustainable wellness through quality products as well as effective marketing channels.

Create new opportunities through comprehensive and cut-through system education.

Ensure fair and equitable remuneration that rewards effort, commitment and dedication while taking into account ethics, integrity and hard work.

Provide a platform for self-improvement in all aspects, not just business – we believe success should be all – encompassing and long-lasting, leading to better quality of life.

A PROMISE BEyond the Ordinary

Anyone can make promises, but keeping one is what differentiates one individual or organization from the rest. That’s why at BE International, we integrate our promise into our day-to-day activities, interactions and experiences. In essence, rather than just making a promise, we are delivering on that promise every single day, in as many ways as we think possible, for both internal and external stakeholders.

BEyond Inspiring Minds, Touching Lives for Eternity is what we strive to do.

We go BEyond Inspiring Minds by ingraining positive values in our people, values that will help them achieve holistic success in whatever they aspire to.

We build people up holistically; whether it’s confidence, self-esteem, compassion, intellect or emotional intelligence, we strive to provide avenues in which they can improve themselves in whatever way they see fit.

Through our international connections, we also open up the world for them; through the wonders of digital technology, they are no longer confined geographically. Plus, BEyond Inspiring Minds, we also inspire people to inspire others just by being the best version of themselves; and that’s the most inspiring thing of all.

Touching Lives for Eternity speaks of the replication of our business system, but also about the impact that being a part of BE International makes on people. Because we focus, not just on business results, but human achievement and well-being, we strive to ensure that our people’s lives are changed for the better in a sustainable, lasting manner.

Plus, by improving the quality of life for people, whether through innovative products, a rewarding remuneration system or our social projects, we create a virtuous cycle that will continue bringing good into the world far beyond our lifetimes.

That’s what Beyond Eternity is really about.

STRENGTH BEyond the Expected

BE International is a direct marketing company; but we’re also so much more, in so many ways.

We’re an innovation company because we strive to leverage on the best ideas and technologies to create products and solutions that will enhance the quality of life for people everywhere, in many different ways. Our products are also naturally-derived, made better through ground-breaking research and proven science.

We’re a hub for education because our system helps people learn how to make their lives better, improve their financial and economic knowledge, build their confidence and communication skills, and generally make them better, more conscientious, more well-rounded individuals.

We’re a globally-focused enterprise because we’re not bound by conventional geographical limits; with the limitless power of the Internet and digital technology at our fingertips – and the knowledge to use them to do well, and do good – our opportunities are borderless.

We’re a socially-conscious corporate entity because we believe in upholding human dignity in our pursuits. Creating an environment where the health and wellness of everyone is taken care of is why we exist, and just as we build our people to discover a sustainable route to success for themselves, we also inspire them to help make life better in a lasting way for those around them.

We hope you, too, will be inspired to make a change in your life, right now, that lasts Beyond Eternity.