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AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®

Product Description

Designed using the patented Kodenshi® Fiber from Japan, which integrates ultra-fine ceramics into each yarn to help maintain body temperature, ensure maximum breathability, and provide optimum comfort. AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi® is the future of functional wear.

(XS) RP S$188.00EABTXS01
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(M) RP S$202.00EABTM01
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(XL) RP S$216.00EABTXL01
(2XL) RP S$216.00EABT2XL01
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Superior Softness

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A Wellness Concept that Keeps You Warm and In-Style


Superior Technology of Kodenshi® Fiber from Japan integrates ultra fine ceramics (diameter 0.3µm) into each yarn, optimised blood flow in the body.


Made from 89.6% Kodenshi® Nylon & 10.4% Polyurethane.


Ultra-breathable with maximum coverage of far infrared to the body.


Superior comfort design from Japan.


Functional wear with multiple features.


Suitable for all genders & generations.

Product Measurement Chart:

* Tolerance within ±3cm. The table above is based on actual product measurements.

Product Size and Fitting Guide:

* This chart should be used as a general reference to choose the right fit based on chest size; individual measurements may vary.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Washing AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi® Laundry Care Instruction

2. What is AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®?

It is made with 89.6% Kodenshi nylon and 10.4% polyurethane.

3. How do I wash AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®? Is it safe to wash in the washing machine?

Due to the nature of the Kodenshi® material, machine wash is not recommended at all. Only hand wash with cold water and hang it to dry, do not spin or squeeze the Basic Top. Please refer to laundry care instructions.

4. How often should I wear AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®? Can I wear it day and night?

AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi® has been designed with function and comfort in mind, comfortable just like your second skin. You can wear it as often as possible and yes, it is suitable for day and night.

5. Is there any age limit for wearing AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®?

There is no age limit for wearing AULORA BASIC TOP with Kodenshi®.

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